Долли Партон: неуемная жажда молодости

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Долли Партон: как с возрастом изменилось лицо певицы

В молодости Долли Партон не было необходимости что-то поправлять в лице. Природа не поскупилась и наградила девушку высокими скулами, изящным носиком и выразительными глазами. Обратиться к специалистам ее заставили естественные возрастные изменения. Благодаря мастерской работе пластических хирургов

Долли Партон избавилась:

  • От дефектов в периорбитальной зоне. Кожа вокруг глаз тонкая и нежная; она содержит мало жировых желез, поэтому уже к 30 годам теряет эластичность, образуя складки. Нависание верхнего века, мешки под глазами, морщины во внешних уголках глаз женщину совсем не украшают. Певица это вовремя поняла и сделала блефаропластику. Гладя на современные фото Долли Партон, мы догадываемся, что эту пластическую операцию она делала неоднократно.
  • От «колец Венеры», то есть глубоких горизонтальных морщин на шее. Операция по коррекции шеи называется платизмопластикой, и ее певица тоже делала не один раз (не исключено, что совместно с круговой подтяжкой лица). После очередной пластики шеи и нижней трети лица певица выразилась, что еще одна такая операция и у нее «отплывет борода».

Долли Партон добавила:

  • Имплантат в подбородок, чтобы компенсировать возрастную потерю объема и сделать более четким контур лица. Такая операция называется ментопластика.
  • Гиалуроновый филлер в губы, чтобы придать им утраченный с возрастом объем и рельефность. Процедура называется контурной пластикой и дает временный эффект, в отличие от хирургической коррекции формы и объема губ (хейлопластики).

Любимые косметологические процедуры Долли Партон:

  • Химический пилинг. Его певица делает, чтобы избавиться от пигментных пятен и неровностей кожи.
  • Ботокс. Инъекции ботулотоксина позволяют нашей героине поддерживать лоб в идеально гладком состоянии.
  • Биоревитализация. Инъекционное введение коктейлей, содержащих гиалуроновую кислоту, витамины и антиоксиданты, обеспечивает коже свежий и подтянутый вид.


How old was Dolly Parton when she had her first cosmetic surgery?

Dolly Parton is reported to have had her first cosmetic surgery when she was in her early 40s.
How big were Dolly Parton’s breasts before surgery?

Dolly Parton’s original cup size before surgery is not publicly disclosed, but she is known to have had breast augmentation, resulting in 36DD breasts.
Did Dolly Parton have gastric surgery?

Dolly Parton underwent a secret surgery to save her singing voice and address gastroesophageal reflux disease. The five-hour operation included the implantation of a device in her esophagus for this purpose.

Early Life

Born in a tiny cabin in Locust Ridge, TN, in the Smoky Mountains, Dolly Rebecca Parton was the fourth of twelve children. While always clothed and fed, Dolly’s parents struggled to make ends meet in the rural sharecropper community. Dolly’s song “Coat of Many Colors” tells the story of a coat her mother made her from a box of multicolored rags because there was not enough money for a store-bought coat. Dolly sings about being laughed at by her classmates, but learning that wealth does not have to do with money.

This song, both heartbreaking and uplifting, is the foundation of the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Words and Music program, a course designed to help teachers guide students through the lyric-writing process. Mentors give students the tools to tell their own stories through song lyrics, then pair them with a songwriter to create a finished piece. Dolly also wrote a children’s book inspired by this experience that is now used to teach kindness and self-compassion.

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Despite well-known together with her achievement as lifetime performer, this American legendary singer Dolly Parton has new title as full of cosmetic surgery because she’s so frequently did that cosmetically surgery. New title as full of cosmetic surgery with this legendary singer Dolly Parton isn’t with no reasonable allegedly. We are able to state that Dolly Parton from mind to foot is fake, likely whole her part of the body continues to be touched with cosmetic surgery lancet.

Dolly Parton is really a full of cosmetic surgery because she was curved through the lancet and appears that they wont stop till now. Likely this legendary singer Dolly Parton been invulnerable and doesn’t worry about the gossip that mentioned she’s a full of cosmetic surgery. Although appears did not worry about the tittle as full of cosmetic surgery, Dolly Parton likely having to pay attention about the chance of overdone cosmetic surgery and she or he continues to be ready for this.

Dolly Rebecca Parton is definitely an American singer-songwriter, mulch-instrumentalist, actress, author, and philanthropist who specialize her focus on the nation music. She was created in Sevierville, Tennessee on The month of january 19, 1946 as well as come in some Hollywood movies like job, Steel Magnolias, Gnomeo & Juliet, Straight Talk Wireless, Unlikely Angel, and Pleased Noise. She’s also certainly one of productive singer ever by composed over 3,000 tunes including best most affected song I’ll Always Adore You which was sang by Whitney Houston. Dolly Parton also granted with many-honored female country entertainers ever. He title has been written at Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Since very youthful and beginning her career as country singer, Dolly Parton not just used her melodious voice because the weapon to overcome the Hollywood. She also fortunate wi8th beautiful face and sexy image that actually support her career because the country singer. Understand that her beauty and sexiness another her ace in the hole appears that Dolly Parton doing this much ways including cosmetic surgery to preserve that assets.

Actually When asked just when was the very first time she’d cosmetic surgery, Dolly Parton stated she’s failing to remember about this. The tributes as Full of cosmetic surgery provided to her because she’s been demonstrated doing this many methods from it for example Breast enhancement, Botox treatment, Mastopexy (breast lift), Upper eye lid surgery, Facelift, Neck lift, Bottom lift, Skins and etc.

Observe how much she’s undergoes cosmetic surgery to boost her beauty till she obtain the tributes as Full of cosmetic surgery. Dolly Parton even really famous together with her quotes about cosmetic surgery that says” “If it’s a-sagging, a-bagging or perhaps a-dragging, I download it today fixed!”. As you may know the cosmetic surgery can make people addicted particularly if individuals overdone inside it. now matter how perfect the cosmetic surgery is, Dolly Parton face seem like real” plastic” . Regrettably Dolly Parton that accustomed to famous together with her dimple because the trademark which make her looks sweet and nice was removed because of cosmetic surgery.

It had been agreed with a board-licensed Beverly Hillsides cosmetic surgeon Tarick Smaili, M.D that states an excessive amount of facelift for the skin is going to be getting rid of the cavities in ones face. Additionally, it agreed by Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Rebuilding Surgeon and Nose reshaping Specialist in Beverly Hillsides, California nevertheless although has overdoes cosmetic surgery a lot of occasions, Dolly Parton is type of though lady. Appears this Full of Cosmetic Surgery continues to be aware using the risk and prepared for this completely.

An excessive amount of cosmetic surgery isn’t good although at this time Dolly Parton looks wonderful at her age, nevertheless its will harm her and harmful to her stated Cosmetic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia.

Dolly Parton is legend, and try to is going to be. Even though this American legendary singer has new tributes as Full of Cosmetic Surgery, but Dolly Parton will be a legend and real existence entertainment ever.

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The Dollywood Foundation Owner Reveals Secret To Looking Good At 77


Months before sharing her bedtime ritual, the Country Music Hall of Fame inductee opened up about her fitness secrets. The music icon revealed her age-defying look revolved around a system of minimal exercise, relying on “good doctors,” and having a flexible diet. In Parton’s words:

Despite her distaste for working out, the “Just Because I’m a Woman” singer has kept herself busy with her musical pursuits. In July, the Daughters of the American Revolution honoree declared she would not leave the spotlight anytime soon.

During an appearance on the Greatest Hits Radio, Parton stated she “would never retire” from music despite her age. Instead of leaving the industry, the icon hoped she would “drop dead in the middle of a song on stage someday.”

Although she did not wish to retire, the entertainer could not deny the impact of time on her body. According to the 77-year-old, she would no longer go on tours but “will continue to do special shows here and there now and then, like a long weekend or festival shows.” Parton added:

Dolly Parton Refuses To Be Caught Without Face On, Wears Makeup To Bed

While many celebrities’ nighttime routines involve washing off their glam for a skin care regimen, the Dollywood theme park co-owner recently revealed she wore makeup to bed every night in case of an emergency. The unbelievable confession came via Parton’s new book “Behind The Seams: My Life In Rhinestones.”

A snippet from the written word captured the 77-year-old reflecting on her decades-long bedtime tradition and how she uses it as an armor against the ever-vigilant paparazzi. In the book, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee admitted:


Sleeping with a face full of makeup did not mean Parton skipped her skincare routines. Upon waking up, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” actress explained she properly cleansed her skin before accentuating her features with another layer of glam.

“It doesn’t matter when you clean your face as long as you clean it once a day. After I wake up, I do all the little rituals, and then I start over again and go out every day and look good all day long,” the singer-songwriter defended her choices, noting she did the same routine around her longtime husband, Carl Thomas Dean.

“This is also true back home in Tennessee. I don’t want to go to bed looking like a hag with Carl,” the doting wife declared. Despite not wanting to be caught without makeup, the “I Will Always Love You” songstress admitted she would rock her natural face during certain circumstances.

In a recent interview, the Tennessee sensation was asked what it would take for her to leave home without makeup. In response, Parton jokingly declared: “Death! You’d just have to see me laid out on a stretcher.”

After seriously considering the question, the 11-time Grammy honoree confessed, “If my husband was sick, or if there was an emergency, of course, I would .” The 77-year-old added, “If I got arrested for a bad tag or whatever, I don’t want a mugshot looking like some of the stars I’ve seen.”

Reaffirming her decision to always look her best outdoors, the blonde beauty insisted, “I’m going to clean up a little if I’m going outside unless there’s an absolute emergency, and it would have to be pretty serious. I would do it then, but that would be the only way.”

Weight reduction & Liposuction

Parton’s body was slimmed down, and she provides all credits to the mass reduction to low carb diet plan. The famous vocalist added that she hates doing work out also indicates a reasonable diet (little pieces of meals ) helps handle one’s bodyweight. And that I did a bit of investigating, and it appears to be accurate that low-carb forces the body to burn off the fat.
Although the mass defeat provides the breasts an unusual look, it overall can help enhance the attractiveness and the young look. Liposuction is a weight reduction process done to regions where the fat could not be ripped merely off with diet or work out. And speculations are there which Parton did liposuction to eliminate fats, and it assisted Parton to preserve a bent body form.

Plastic Surgery on Dolly Parton.

Every time she had more throughout the years, this became the topic of conversation. Parton’s fake appearance became immediately clear. It can be pulled, sucked, or tucked.

Parton increased the scrutiny she faced by being a target of strong personalities.

However, Dolly never made an attempt to downplay the procedures she’s had. She even succeeds in dazzling her admissions with a dash of feisty comedy.

Dolly recently told the press in an interview that she “believes I’m entirely real,” despite the fact that she “looks manufactured.”

People can even claim that Dolly had the wrong country girl in mind because she is obviously not naturally beautiful. And because of her predilection, Parton has faced a lot of criticism.

“A rural girl’s sense of glam truly inspired my style. I make the most of what I have because I wasn’t born attractive. Parton continued. She is nonetheless serious. She wouldn’t settle with natural beauty.

She remarked, “When we were tiny kids, this lady was the town tramp, and I thought she was the most gorgeous person I’d ever seen.”

Fame Singer

Dolly gained immense fame for a vocalist/songwriter. This miniature (5’0″) loveliness was usual for TV and, from the mid-1970s, Dolly appeared regularly on Television specials and converse shows. Dolly subsequently got her sequence, appropriately aristocratic Dolly (1976). Dolly’s film first appearance was in 9 to 5 (1980), in which she got an Oscar proposal for the script the name song, the length of with Grammy awards 3 and 2, Best Country Song, and Best Female Country voiced presentation for the song”Nine to Five.”

Dolly gained more celebrity for appearing in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), as well in Rhinestone (1984) using the tune”Tennessee Homesick Blues.” Dolly was in the highly praised movie Steel Magnolias (1989) with Julia Roberts, also went on to seem in 15 films and Television-cinema for the 1990s, and gained more Country melody Association awards. In 2000, Dolly acquired her 5th Grammy prize: top Country teamwork with lyrics. She frees a Bluegrass Album. Dolly is well-known for amazing songs like”Coat of Many Colors” and”Jolene” and”I Will Forever Love You.” Dolly stated in a meeting, “My music is exactly what took me anywhere I have been all over I’ll go. It is my most excellent adore. I can not dump it. I will always keep making documents”.

Долли Партон

Всегда гордилась своим впечатляющим бюстом, и не скрывала, что секрет ее популярности – не в задорных кантри-песенках, а именно в пышных формах! Долли тоже сначала провела экспериментальную операцию на собственном носу. А затем принялась по одной циферке прибавлять к размеру груди, пока не добралась к 8 и, очевидно, к смещению дисков позвоночника из-за неправильно распределяемого веса.

Черный Total-Look: Е. Лонгория и В. Бекхэм в смокингах на Global Gift Gala

В дальнейшем талантливая певица и композитор работала преимущественно над своим лицом – губы, подтяжки, контур подбородка, скул. Правда, немного имплантов досталось и ягодицам… Еще до своих глобальных «усовершенствований» женщина написала хит всех времен и народов «I Will Always Love You» для Уитни Хьюстон в фильме «Телохранитель» — и это о себе она говорит, что прославилась только своим бюстом?!


Among 12 kids; climbed up in a 1-room cabin in Tennessee.Owner/namesake of Smoky Mountain region theme square,” Dollywood,” situated in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA.Throughout the early 1990s, the films a string of sitcom pilots for CBS-Television. At first, in 1994, “Heavens to Betsy” was created, starring Dolly and Constance Shulman. Six episodes were finished. This sitcom has been scrapped, the length of with the narrative had been revamped for the movie of the Week, Unlikely Angel (1996). Following the tv film, she had been to create a sitcom where she’d star as a”gentleman into the stars”. On the other hand, the pilot was not broadcast.

After Drew Barrymore talked on her movie, Home Fries (1998), before its launch, she disclosed that her personality was a massive blogger of Dolly Parton. She declared that a lot of Parton’s songs would show up in the film, which they exhausted a two-daylight fire Dollywood. After the film was finally published, the sole orientation to Dolly Parton was on the walls of Drew’s bedroom that can be enclosed with images and images of Dolly.Dolly’s classic tune”Jolene” was coated by Sherrié Austin (aka Sherrie Austin) on her third record”Followin’ a Feelin” (2001).Her behind priest Robert was one of 15 kids, along with her mum Avie (Owens) was among ten kids.The world’s original cloned mammal, Dolly, the traditionalist, was appointed following Parton.Was a candidate to its hosting responsibilities on Family Feud (1999) until Louie Anderson has been hired.

Inducted into the Country Music Hall of celebrity in 1999.Different tabloids have reported her breast increase – that she’s not at all doubted having – have enlarged her dimensions to everywhere from 38CC to some peak mark of 48DDThe for children TV show Sesame Street (1969) introduce a personality concerning Dolly Parton. She had purple skin and blond hair and enthused by the name of Polly Darton.

Queer Ally

Dolly has long been an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. She’s advocated for marriage equality and intentionally made her Tennessee theme park a safe space for same-sex couples. Her statements about the sin of passing judgement points out the hypocrisy in religious arguments designed to restrict the rights of others. Dolly has a large following in the LGBTQ+ community, and her iconic look has been the subject of many drag shows. She recently confirmed the long-standing rumor that she lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest in West Hollywood.


In 1991, she released the song “Family” about accepting loved ones as they are and including the lyric “some are gay.” While problematic in 2020, in 1991, these were very progressive words, especially in a genre with deep conservative roots. Her matter-of-fact support helped to normalize a community often maligned and misunderstood by many country music fans.

Click ahead for more of Dolly’s impact on all of us…


And if this all weren’t enough, Dolly quietly helped to produce the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the subsequent TV show of the same name. This story of a young woman who runs towards danger instead of away from it was groundbreaking in its feminism and inclusivity and has empowered an entire generation of viewers. In 1986, Dolly co-founded the production company Sandollar with Sandy Gallin. Though the original film (now a cult classic) was unsuccessful at the box office, President and CEO Gail Bearman pushed for the development of Joss Whedon’s series and co-produced the CW show along with its spin-off, Angel, with Whedon’s production company. A decade after 9 to 5, Dolly had a hand in inspiring a whole new generation of women to be brave.


Dolly Parton’s Before And After Plastic Surgery

When looking at photos of Parton throughout the years, there is a stark difference in her features. In her early career, Parton’s beauty was undeniable. Her smile was infectious, and her voluminous hair and ample bosom were the envy of women everywhere. However, as time went on, her appearance evolved. While she remained stunning, her face appeared more chiseled, her skin more taut, and her waistline significantly smaller. 



While Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery may be a topic of debate and controversy, it ultimately comes down to personal choice and autonomy over one’s body. Parton has never shied away from admitting to her cosmetic procedures, and she should not be shamed or judged for her decision to enhance her appearance. Instead, we should focus on the remarkable legacy she has built through her music, philanthropy, and business ventures. Parton’s talent and generosity far outweigh any discussion of her physical appearance, and we should celebrate her for all she has achieved and contributed to the world.

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Dolly Parton Nose Job

One more noteworthy modify is that the nose, which appears sharp and substituted, most perhaps due to rhinoplasty (nose job). The overall seem and contour of the nose have been altered significantly, and it increases speculations that the shift is completed with plastic surgery. A favorite plastic surgeon in California discussion on Dolly Parton nose job she appeared to get an oblique V distortion, and it led to her choice to rebuild the nose.

However it seems to me somewhat bizarre, and it’s altered the usual appearance of her.Botox is the process that Dolly Parton confessed in some discussion. It is a beautiful thing for a star to acknowledge such plastic surgery actions. Parton considers there is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery if it does it you appear improved and provides assurance in addition to self-esteem. Yes, I do concur with Parton, but I’d assert that we will require to cautious about the sum — just how a lot number of chemicals and the number of instances plastic surgery is finished.

What Plastic Surgery Has Dolly Parton Had?

Dolly Parton has undergone several cosmetic surgeries throughout her career. Here’s a breakdown of the procedures she has reportedly undergone:


1. Breast Implants:

One of the most famous plastic surgery procedures Dolly Parton has had is breast implants. She has stated in numerous interviews that she got them in the 1980s to balance out her curvy figure and feel more confident. Parton is rumored to have had multiple surgeries over the years to maintain her ample bosom.

2. Face Lift:

Dolly Parton has never been shy about her age, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of her appearance. In her mid-60s, she underwent a facelift to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give her a more youthful look. Parton is very open about the procedure and has joked that her facelift has given her a “brand new neck.”

3. Nose Job:

Another famous plastic surgery procedure Dolly Parton has undergone is a nose job. In her early career, Dolly Parton’s nose was more pronounced, but in the late 1980s, she underwent rhinoplasty to make it smaller and more symmetrical. The change in her appearance was subtle but noticeable.

4. Botox Injections:

Dolly is an advocate for taking care of your skin and has been very open about getting Botox injections to keep her face looking young and fresh. In interviews, Dolly has stated that Botox has become a staple in her beauty regimen. It helps her skin to remain smooth and wrinkle-free.

5. Lip Fillers:

Full lips are a sought-after look in Hollywood, and Dolly Parton’s plump pout has always been the topic of conversation. Dolly has previously admitted that she had some work done on her lips, though it was minimal and done a long time ago. She loves her new plump look and often uses bright-colored lipstick to enhance them further.

Аманда Лепор

Александра Маккуина не смущает, что его муза и вдохновение – на самом деле не модель Аманда, а транссексуал Арманд. Парень потратил не один год и перенес несколько десятков операций, чтобы, наконец, внешний образ соответствовал его внутреннему миру. Началось все, как и водится, с изменения формы носа. затем самой масштабной операции по смене пола.

А дальше – точно уж нет предела совершенству, и чувства меры тоже нет! Ринопластика, блефарропластика, увеличение губ, бюста, ягодиц, удаление ребер… Только на груди Аманде сделали 14 (!) операций, чтобы получить «идеал». Вот только чей?

Каэтана Фитц-Джеймс Стюарт-Альба

Это не фотошоп и не шутка! Герцогиня Альбы прославилась своим легким и веселым, порою дерзким нравом, она была известна, как экспансивная, влюбчивая, но при этом нежная и ранимая особа. Каэтана страдала синдромом Мелькерссона-Розенталя – частичным параличом лица. Чтобы скрыть этот дефект, она начала делать пластику – и не смогла уже остановиться.

Модный красный свитер: 5 трендовых идей, как носить зимой

Увеличение губ, ринопластика, подтяжка лица и живота – возраст все равно не пощадил аристократку и только подчеркнул все, что она такой ценой пыталась скрыть на протяжении долгих лет. При этом на закате жизни, в 85 лет, даже с такой, мягко говоря, не очень женственной внешностью она умудрилась снова выйти замуж и наслаждаться счастливым браком с супругом, намного моложе ее, еще три года – в 88 герцогиня умерла.

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

Dolly Parton Before And After Plastic Surgery

Like every woman in entertainment industry Dolly Parton wants to show her best appearance, so ever since she is young, she always takes her appearance as number one thing that she needs to care the most. Has Dolly Parton had plastic surgery?

Did Dolly Parton Have Plastic Surgery?

Dolly Parton journey began with her face, which is the most important part of an artist that their fans would notice. That is why she wants to make sure that her face should always be in the prime condition. The way that she choose to achieve such result is of course by doing face surgery. But she does not only do one plastic surgery because she has done quite a large number of face surgery to maintain her beautiful appearance, especially when she gets older which means that she need to do extra surgery to maintain her beauty and makes it even more beautiful at the same time.

There was a rumor that she has done eyelift surgery to get her eyes back towards its old appearance without any sagging skin. Moreover, Dolly Parton also needs to do some Botox surgery to get her skin back towards its old smooth appearance without any wrinkles on it. She might also do some lips implant surgery since the fans notice some difference in her lips which becomes fuller suddenly which she does not have before.

Dolly Parton Boob Job

We already know that Dolly Parton is blessed by big breast naturally, which is one part why many male fans love her. But as she got older, they surely expect that her breast would not be in its prime condition anymore. It should already show some degradation in size because of the lost of body fats and it should sag lower because of the muscle degradation. That is why speculation aroused about her breast surgery because they see there is nothing a change about the condition of her breast. It looks firm and still in its right position even when she gets older, it also seems to get bigger on the size which makes the speculation even worse. That is why people think that the only thing she could get to her current condition is by doing breast surgery.

Dolly Parton Statement About Her Surgery

Unlike another artist who do not want to admits any plastic surgery that they done to their body, Dolly Parton easily admits all surgery that she is done, this is another thing what makes her loved by many of her fans because she has an open mouth, so she bravely speaks what she really have in her mind. This is why she does not need to cover anything about her plastic surgery since she does it for the fans that love her. She thinks that she has to give back all the loves she receives from her fans by doing her best to keep her appearance. This is one of the reasons why she does the plastic surgery in the first place.


Dolly Parton, photo by Ben Kaye

Dolly has been trending recently because of comments made on the Black Lives Matter movement. In an interview with Billboard, she said, “And of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!” This off-the-cuff advocacy is typical of Dolly who remains apolitical, but is not afraid to speak her mind to lift others up while demonstrating how easy course correction can be.

And her advocacy always comes across as genuine. She recently changed the name of Dollywood’s dinner theater show, The Dixie Stampede, to just The Stampede. While it could be argued that this should have happened earlier, her statement explains why she made the change: “As soon as you realize that is a problem, you should fix it. Don’t be a dumbass. That’s where my heart is. I would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose.” This comes across as endearing and common sense rather than performative. Contrast it with Dan Snyder’s stubbornness in changing the offensive name of his Washington NFL team and the debacle Lady Antebellum found themselves in with their name change, Dolly shines as an example of how to acknowledge mistakes and work to correct them.

Dolly Parton Eyelid Surgery

An Eyelid Surgery is a plastic surgery that is done mostly to make tighter the brow, thrashing aging signals similar to outline and wrinkles. It is an invasive process, and Dolly Parton is believed to have experienced the operation the length of with Blepharoplasty. Even though it’s clear that she did the procedure, Parton hasn’t commented something openly with this respect.

Eyelid surgery is just process that the superstar has gotten, and it is a frequent method among those who have eyes that are jagged. I don’t believe Parton had a few signs of sagging or surplus tissues before. Plastic surgery specialist indicates that the sharp and tight look of Parton’s eyes is with the assistance of blepharoplasty aka eyebrow operation.

Dumb Blond

Dolly’s first hit was “Dumb Blond”, a song that would come to sum up her complex persona. Known for her iconic, ultra-feminine look, it would be easy to dismiss her as just another dumb blond, but history has proven that she is anything but. She is a savvy businesswoman reportedly worth around 500 million with a foothold in nearly every aspect of the entertainment world. Dolly, in many ways, embodies the stereotypical blond bombshell look, but going on 50 years now, it’s clear this is the image she’s chosen for herself, not one that was forced upon her. There’s long been a rumor that she has tattoos under her perpetual long sleeves, but she recently confirmed that while she does have tattoos, they are small and mainly cover scars on her fair skin. Dolly proves that you can look the way you want to and still be taken seriously and that there can be strength in traditional femininity.



Dolly took the stage for the halftime show in Arlington, Texas.


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She performed at the intermission of the Dallas Cowboys’ game against the Washington Commanders on Thanksgiving.

One of the songs she sang on Thursday was We are the Champions by Queen.

Football fans couldn’t help but notice the irony provided she was at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas hasn’t won the Super Bowl since 1995, nearly 30 years ago, and fans flooded social media during Parton’s performance.

One said: “Dolly Parton singing We are the Champions in a stadium or in front of a fan base that hasn’t seen a Super Bowl title in 25+ years is hilarious.”

Another posted: “Dolly Parton singing We are the Champions at a Dallas Cowboys game when most of the players playing weren’t alive the last time they won is certainly something.”

A third wrote: “Jerry Jones definitely made Dolly Parton add ‘we are the champions’ to the halftime show.”

The Dallas Cowboys host an NFL game every Thanksgiving as part of their league tradition.

The team took on their division rivals Washington in an NFC East showdown this year.


Recently, Dolly was a guest on The View and tuned in with a virtual interview to answer a couple of questions.

Host Sunny Hostin asked Dolly about her fashion choices over the years, some of which have gotten pushback.

Dolly is known for her exaggerated hair, makeup, and clothing which accentuates her cleavage.

She gave Sunny an explanation that fans were a bit shocked by.

“Well, even from my early days, I was one of those girls who wanted to wear tight clothes and makeup and big hair, because I had been influenced by the town tramp in our town,” Dolly told Sunny.

The entire cast of The View giggled and cackled at her admission.

“I didn’t know she was trash, I just thought she was beautiful because she had all the stuff I wanted to have when I grew up.

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“When they say less is more, that did not apply to me,” Dolly joked.

“I always liked being colorful and makeup and being noticed,” she said of her personal style.


Dolly, 77, impressed fans with her ageless figureCredit: Getty

Other sports fans thought it was ironic the star was singing the Queen balladCredit: Getty

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